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Unimog EFI/DIS


Unimog EFI/DIS final pics

Fiberglass Hardtop

Hard Top Side Windows

Finished Unimog 404.1

Chrome & Stainless Door Hardware

Unimog Stainless Door Hinges

 Wheel Adapters

Power Steering

Not installed yet but here are allot of links for different option and parts.

Unimog Paint Job

Valve Adjustment Tool



Heater Core 


Windshield and Wiper Motor

Fuse Panel & Electrical

46 gal aluminum fuel tank and new battery mount

Convertible Top

Unimog Canvas Bow Mod


When I'm finely done

  with the mog, I'm

  going to start on my




Wheel Adapters for Alcoa Aluminum Wheels 22.5 x 12.25

to fit 404 Unimog

The Alcoa rims are available in 3 different off sets I am using the Alcoa rim

#200823650. The adapters are 2.125" thick to give me the same offset as my current

Unimog rim from the inside edge of the rim to the mounting surface. This should give me

ample tire clearance for a 385/65 tire.


Below are the drawing that I made that where used for AutoCAD.

Mog_Wheeel_Adapter side view.dwg     Mog_Wheeel_Adapter_top_view.dwg

Mog_Wheeel_Adapter_side_view.dxf     Mog_Wheeel_Adapter_top_view.dxf


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